Here at MGWCA our mission is simple, to showcase the best metal arses around.
Send us your photo via the submit button to show the world your glorious metal arse. Every photo here is copyright of their respective owners and any we will endeavour to credit every photo we can.
Anonymous asked:
Hamdir, please point out which of those are yours! You are HOT!

Thanks!, but that would take a fair while. 
I think they are tagged Hamdir :)
Doesnt matter which are mine though, appreciate them all!

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ok here s another one.
as requested
Anonymous asked:
Hey, love your blog and I was wondering what's your name darling?

Hamdir yo, it says that everywhere

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mmmmy butt <3
Anonymous asked:
I keep on checking this page every day.. and way too rarely I see new asses :( GIRLS COME ONE, SUBMIT! NEEDS MORE ASSES!! How about few pics of the girls behind the MGWCA themselves ;)

It’s just me running the show these days, and my arse is all over this site but maybe I’ll post a little something soon! :)

If anyone thinks they’d like to help run the show and become a member of MGWCA, so they themselves can find and post photos please let me know, it would be great to have another contributor! 

Hamdir x

Dani Divine
Anonymous asked:
How do I submit a picture?

There is a link on the main page.
or just click here:

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Don’t know what the fuck happened to my tights yesterday but my ass look great
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NEW! Silver Rosary Pentathong by Diktator Fashion Lab
Model: Klara Lullaby
Photo: Ziga Lovsin
Alessa Decay and Xristina Marie Zook.