Here at MGWCA HQ our mission is simple, to showcase the best metal arses around.
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Satanic bum
Have mine haha. Kosmicvomit.
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Rings of Saturn
To the anon, I'm also a skinny fuck, and I follow this blog cause I appreciate a good arse (and it's nice to not see that attention of boobs, cause I have a 12 year old boy chest, and a small but shapely arse). You're beautiful how you are and don't need to worry, any person who's shallow enough to judge you solely on your figure than who you are isn't worth your time, people appreciate all kinds of bodies, I've had "metal" boyfriends, and you will too, just try to learn to love you :)
that person should come to Spain then, all guys preffer girls that are thin, no matter the rest hahaa

Well there ya go. Humans are weird

Anonymous asked:
I totally get that that this is your blog, and it's an amazing blog, and it's well run, but as a girl going through these I feel like I'm never going to find a metal guy that will like me like these girls. They're all so beautiful curvy and have nice asses and I mean mines ok, but I can't help that I'm as thin as I am, but how I feel like from this page I have to look a certain way or else I'm not as good/wanted as these girls are :'(

Sweetling, it saddens me to think that this blog could make girls feel inadequate. That’s the last thing we want, 
Here we celebrate butts big and small and everything in between and there are quite a few petite girls here too.
Part of the reason this blog was created was a reaction to the ideology that beauty and sex appeal is thin women with big boobs, it was very tongue-in-cheek and we never expected it to get so popular.

For a lot of curvier girls, showing off their butts makes them feel better about the bits of their bodies they feel self conscious about. Personally I don’t think I’d give as much of a fuck about mine if I had a flat stomach.
You’d be surprised actually I get some messages saying that all the women here are fat and ugly etc, haha! Everyone has different tastes, 
Just remember you are wanted and you are beautiful!